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The brand of fan lamp makes the indoor hot air uniform

编辑:ZHONGSHAN HENGERMEI LIGHTING CO., LTD. 来源:hengrmei 发布时间:2020-12-22 浏览:325

  The fan lamp is equipped with a positive and negative switch. For example, in summer, it can be set to positive. At this time, the fan blade is rotating forward, which makes it feel cool. At the same time, it has the function of auxiliary air conditioner, which can make the cold air flow faster, help the air conditioner save electricity, and achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection. If it is in winter, then it can be set to reverse, the fan blades reverse, so that the indoor hot air can be pressed down, at the same time, people will not feel the indoor wind, but also increase the room air circulation, especially suitable for use in the room with a warm air fan, so that the indoor hot air can reach uniform.

  Chandeliers cant be hung too low: no matter whether the chandelier is hung by wires or iron supports, it cant be too low. This will not only block peoples abnormal sight or make people feel dazzled, but also form a responsive evil spirit to people.

  Each chandelier should have a switch so that you can open up a smaller or larger light space according to your needs. From the perspective of physiognomy, special attention should be paid to the following: the group of chandeliers is better to form an even number, and it is better to choose three or five chandeliers.

  First of all, ceiling fan lamps and ordinary living room chandeliers are inlaid on the top of the ceiling during decoration, fixed with steel nails and other materials. Moreover, the fan of the Chinese fan lamp is not very big. The rotation speed is controllable, the balance performance is good, and there is no shaking.

  As long as the quality of the fan lamp brand itself is qualified, and in strict accordance with the installation process standards, we can rest assured that we can use it.

  On the other hand, the wholesale fan lamp is installed under the fan, so when the fan rotates, the lamp will not rotate and will not affect the illumination of the lamp. Therefore, we do not have to consider whether it will be dizzy.

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